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Stroke photos

This is a post showing images from MRA and MRI studies of my brain and arteries showing the vertebral artery dissection and ischemic stroke.

I wanted to follow-up my last post that detailed my stroke with a few images from the MRI and MRA studies. I intend to build catalogue of these images for comparing these initial images with future ones as my recovery progresses. There are nearly 700 photos of my brain and neck region from just the initial MRI and MRA studies alone!

MRI showing ischemic insult, 09 DEC 2011

MRI showing a stroke
The bright yellow area shows the damaged area that was caused by a loss of blood flow.

MRA showing right vertebral artery dissection, 16 DEC 2011

MRA - right vertebral artery dissection
This MRA image shows the severity of the reduction in blood flow through the right vertebral artery. The larger blood vessels on the right and left are the carotid arteries. There are no signs of trouble anywhere else other than the right vertebral artery.

MRI showing no problems at all, just a wild pattern in my nasal area. 09 DEC 2011

MRI showing a weird/cool pattern
It’s funny how these interesting patterns show up in scans. Looks trippy, eh?

2 replies on “Stroke photos”

It’s great to hear that you are recovering well from the stroke. I just had to look when I saw this link to your side due to the name. I’ve not come across many with the same name as mine.

As with you I too have a bit of a problem in the brain, I have Multiple Sclerosis and have been in remission for some 15 years now (knock on wood). Good luck with your training on the run and the future runs.


Strangely enough, I also looked at this posting because of the name..and the stranger thing, is that it is the wring Robert Jolly, but the right Robert Jolly left a comment. I hope your rehabilitation has gone well. I myself had a stroke in November of 2011 and have fully recovered. Good luck to you both

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